New Age Visions - Inspiration for the Next Paradigm of World Culture

Man is never helped in his suffering by what he thinks for himself, but only by revelation of a wisdom greater than his own. It is this which lifts him out of his distress.

Carl Jung (1875-1961)

The inspirational messages on this web provide the kind of relevation that Jung spoke of, a wisdom greater than our own limited human perspective. The prophetic visions herald a coming good of global interconnectedness, individual spirituality, and rapid, profound change. The right brained visions were channelled through an otherwise left brained scholar, Professor Arnold Keyserling, of the Academy of Art, Vienna, Austria. The words came to Keyserling in the 1970s from entities near and far in the Cosmos, shortly before his election as President of the European Association of Humanistic Psychologists. Originally written in German, they were translated into English by the School of Wisdom, and approved by Keyserling. New Age Visions constitutes Volume 1 of the larger School of Wisdom Series of books and records. These messages - which until now have only been shared with an intimate circle of friends and students in Europe and the U.S. - are a source of profound inspiration.

If you are familiar with spiritual writings, and comfortable with the notion of "divine inspiration", jump right in to the material. Another good way to start is through a random selection. For more of a conceptual framework, and left brained introduction, see the full Introduction first. A shorter introduction describing these visions follows below.

New Age Visions is comprised of three related works:

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Let the Universe give you a random selection now!

The visions in this web lend themselves to prolonged contemplation and thought, either as a whole, or one passage at a time. Unlike a reason oriented text which can be read once, understood and discarded, many of the images and thoughts in New Age Visions are enticingly obscure, yet beautiful and lasting. The prophesies can be slowly digested and referred to time and again over a lifetime. With each reading a new meaning may be discovered, or the significance which was only faintly glimmered in a prior reading may grow and deepen. Passages which first appear enigmatic, will become clear as daily life itself illustrates their meaning. Some of the passages which seem plain and simple at first reading, will later reveal new depths of meaning.

Many passages offer practical advice in dealing with universal problems and concerns, and in that sense this web is a guide for a more fulfilling life. The poetry found here, coupled with the other material in the School of Wisdom webs can be used as a vehicle to begin or advance on a Path of personal discovery. The messages in this web can be an inspiration and source of strength to us all. It is truly sacred poetry which heralds the dawn of a New Age, an age where we discover our true home in the Universe, in friendly contact with all levels of Being.