The inspired poetry of Professor Arnold Keyserling contained in New Age Visions, captures the spirit of the new times with clarity, depth and great beauty. They are truly inspired because Arnold Keyserling does not use his conscious mind - his left brain - to write these texts. Instead, these words flow effortlessly from his unconscious in the form of Messages from a Higher Self.

dark-to-life.jpgNew Age Visions is comprised of three works, all originally written in German. The first is From Dark ... To Life. It contains an introductory compilation to all of Keyserling's visionary work. Most of the compilation work was done by the German editor, Franciscus Adrian, with further editing by the School of Wisdom in the U.S.

friend-in-the-universe.jpgThe second work in New Age Visions is Messages From The Friend In The Universe. It contains the first poetic visions which Keyserling received after listening to PrimaSounds in 1972. They are universal Messages received over a period of a few weeks. The sequence and inter-relatedness of the presentation of the prophetic images in this work add meaning and depth, so it is suggested you read them first in sequence. We consider this work to be the most profound and of far reaching spiritual significance.

depths-of-universe.jpgThe third work in New Age Visions is From The Depths Of The Universe: The Ten Powers. It contains Messages to humankind from the ten Primal Powers of the Universe: (1) Fire, (2) Stones, (3) Trees, (4) Animals (5) Earth, (6) Ancestors, (7) Spirits, (8) Angels, (9) Muses and the (10) BEING IN THE UNIVERSE. This last poetic work goes beyond any other inspired poetry of our day to vividly show the cosmic-ecology of our life - the total inter-relatedness of all levels of Being and Consciousness - and how we are not "home alone" in the Universe. This text helps us to open up to the whole world around us - plants, animals and all - and end the artificial alienation and isolation of the human race from the rest of the cosmos.

These inspired texts continue an important tradition of human culture. All ancient cultures appear to have been profoundly shaped and influenced by a few "sacred poets" among them who would enter into various trance like states and receive inspired information from a "divine" source. These spiritual leaders had a strong cultural impact. When they returned to normal consciousness the messages they came back with had great meaning and significance to their fellow men and women, and were frequently of practical use and value. The "messages" would take the form of speech, commandments, poems, sonnets, song, dance, symphonies, visions, healing touch and so forth. In whatever form, in their day they were highly valued by their society, considered sacred, and they have now become an important part of the world's cultural heritage.

Today, the divine cosmologies of the old traditions have been largely replaced by the scientific view. Still, as science matures, some of its conclusions and concepts are not necessarily inconsistent with traditional beliefs. For instance, biology and evolution suggest that with time life slowly evolves into greater and greater intelligence. Astronomy has discovered that Earth is one of a billion planets, most of which are far older than Earth. There are billions of other planets in the Universe that may have supported life hundreds of millions of years longer than has Earth. For this reason many scientists believe that it is reasonable to assume that intelligent life forms, more evolved than we, exist in other, older parts of the Universe. If there is an intelligent life form with a million years head start in evolution, that life form would seem as incredible and "godlike" to us, as we would seem to an ant.

Although the existence of higher, more evolved beings in the Universe is believed to be statistically probable and rational, it has not yet been verified by our science, and thus exists only as an hypothesis. No one has detected any evidence of intelligent life outside of Earth. Yet this is to be expected because science to date has been primarily concerned with the observation and study of the external world. In the external cosmos solar systems and galaxies are separated by almost inconceivably vast distances. The planets which may support life are too far away to explore or observe with today's technologies.

Science is continually growing and maturing, and recently has begun to study the inner world of Man, our consciousness and being. A study of the ancient traditions suggests that science may find evidence to objectively verify the presence of other life forms from an exploration of inner space well before any hard evidence is detected in outer space. Although the external sciences, such as physics and astronomy, are now far more developed than mainstream psychology, their potential for exploration is necessarily limited by the vast distances of outer space, and the relatively slow speed of light. Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, thus even if it were possible to construct a ship that went as fast as light, the distances of space would still prevent us from venturing past our solar system. The unconscious, however, does not appear to be subject to the same space time limitations.

Physical travel or external communication between beings who are thousands of light years apart, located in different solar systems, or even different galaxies, is physically, or at least practically impossible. This is why all science fiction fantasies of extra-terrestrial contact are necessarily based upon the erroneous premise that the speed of light can be exceeded, the famous "warp-drive" of Star-Trek. In fact, the impenetrable barrier of light speed forces us into inner space to continue our quest for exploration and communication. Logic and statistics tell us that thousands of civilizations around the Universe have already been exploring inner space for millions of years. If they exist, can we conceive to what heights they may have evolved on this ultimate frontier?

Assuming that the inner space of all intelligent life forms is universal - that just as all beings in the Universe live in the same outer space, they also inhabit the same inner space - then the inner world could serve as a bridge between the outer spaces, a way to avoid the constraints of light speed. This assumption of the universality of inner space is an extension of Carl Jung's theory of the Collective Unconscious to apply to beings of all worlds. If beings of greater intelligence do exist, then naturally, in view of the limitations of the space time continuum, their communications with us would be in inner space, in being, and in what we call the unconscious. What we know of the unconscious suggests that the normal space-time constraints do not apply. Our cultural history shows that Man has frequently seen such beings in visions, that we have been touched by their soul and thoughts, but not by their physical bodies.

Science to date has already discovered millions of life forms, very different from our own, which exist with us on Earth: the plants and animals. Our intelligence seems to be the most evolved, integrates the largest field of consciousness. As science begins to explore the inner worlds, it should discover the existence of still more life forms with intelligences not only different, but far greater than our own. Their physical location may remain unknown, irrelevant. The objective proof of their existence will not come from observation of their visible bodies, but from observation of their minds and souls. The evidence will come from their impact upon our world, the communications which they continue to have upon a statistically significant portion of the population, those who are open to inspiration and visions of all kinds.

To some the contact will be in dreaming and later they will be able to remember bits and pieces. Some are open enough and able to communicate with these entities in their everyday waking and talking consciousness. They report that each type of Entity or Power communicates in a different way, usually more akin to direct telepathic linkage, than to voices in the sky. The clarity of the communion or vision depends upon the other intelligence in question, and on the clarity, knowledge and understanding of the human involved. These people are not all schizophrenics suffering from delusions and hallucinations. That is a different type of phenomena involving mental insanity and disordered personalities. True visionaries are healthy and balanced. They recognize the difference between their own inner voices and those from beyond.

Even those who are not open to inspiration themselves, can still be indirectly touched by study of the creative expressions of the clearest and wisest of those who are truly inspired. Clear and profound inspirational Messages of general significance to all of humanity appear from time to time for that purpose. Although seldom appreciated in their own time, in later years they can have a broad impact and appeal. That is one reason the School of Wisdom Series of books and records begins with New Age Visions as Volume 1. Although currently the least popular work in the series, we all know that in the long run New Age Visions is what will be remembered, and is the least tied to our historical limitations and cultural biases.

Reliance on third party accounts of the beyond - the inspired messages of others - is inherently dangerous, and should be approached with great caution and wariness. It can be difficult to differentiate the few authentic sacred poems, from the many false, imaginary or grossly distorted ones. Some may pretend to be, whereas in fact they are not. It may be an intentional fraud, or merely negligent, when they mistake their own ego voice, for the unconscious. Many appear to be schizophrenic and lost in delusion. Many are genuinely inspired, but the messages are not of a type intended for, or comprehensible by others. The poet may not understand that the message is personal, meant only for themselves. Out of confusion, or egotism, they may try and pass their personal poetry to others as a universal messages. Others may actually be inspired with a universal Message intended for all, but because of their own personal limitations, they will not be able to clearly or adequately express the inspiration in words. The end result is often crude or simplistic.

Among the many "Channelers" who have come to light recently most have not had the education, background or training to serve as good poets. Consequently most of today's channeled messages or inspired poetry is simplistic, confusing and lacks deep resonance within the inner being of others. While these poets may sense the importance of what they receive, its sacred quality, and so go to great lengths to try and bring it to the public, they frequently end up doing more harm than good, because they have insufficient understanding or ability for the task. The messages from the unconscious Higher Self end up garbled and have no lasting impact.

Fortunately there is at least one person who by background, education and training is not only open to inspiration, but also capable of receiving, understanding and conveying sacred poetry with a minimum of distortion, and with great clarity and beauty: Arnold Keyserling. He was well known in Europe as a philosopher, psychologist and teacher long before the 1970's and 1980's when he was first inspired to write these messages.

Clear and profound poetic images or Messages easily flow from the unconscious of Arnold Keyserling because of the substantial conceptual and linguistic materials which he has integrated into his conscious mind in over fifty years of study and work. As both a philosopher and expert in languages, who has mastered and teaches in four languages - German, English, French and Italian - his mind serves as a near perfect keyboard for the beyond.

Arnold Keyserling's rational work in philosophy, and his books such as Chance and Choice, are based on holistic thinking, an understanding of the history of world philosophy, and insights into number, measure, and precisely verifiable data. Unlike many poets and visionaries, Keyserling is a disciplined thinker and scholar who has devoted his life to the pursuit of knowledge. Fluent in many languages, before Keyserling received any messages he had over thirty years experience teaching. He is a master of communicating abstract philosophic concepts. Throughout his life he has traveled the world and taught all kinds of groups in hundreds of different countries. Studying and progressing for decades as a writer of philosophy, a public speaker and teacher of world cultural history, mathematics, music and languages, he unwittingly also trained himself to become a great poet. See Keyserling's home page for more information on his life, and his work, along with photos and videos of his teaching. Feel free to write to me, Ralph, at the email icon below, with any comments or questions about these works. They have had a profound impact upon me, and I am always interested in talking about them.

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